CHOKO-AGE Team meeting in Liverpool, UK

On September 18th and 19th, 2023, the Choko-Age team convened at the University of Liverpool, UK.

The meeting served as an opportunity to provide updates on the progress of in vitro experiments at each institution and to formulate a plan for the final analysis, along with setting a deadline for completing the work package. Professor Francesco Galli, the Project Coordinator, began by presenting an overview of the overall project progress. Following that, the Verona team discussed their progress with the intervention and sample collection. Subsequently, presentations were made on the in vitro experiments conducted in Liverpool, Valencia, and Perugia.

Professor Galli commented, “The meeting was highly stimulating, offering the research team of the Choko-Age consortium a valuable platform to present the activities of the research units and review the scientific progress of the project. Furthermore, it marked the next steps toward successfully completing the research plan by April 2025. We are grateful for the warm hospitality extended by Professor Malcolm Jackson and his colleagues, Professor Anne McArdle, and Masoud Isanejad, but particularly Kay Hemmings, for the impeccable organisation of an outstanding scientific workshop in the charming city of Liverpool.”

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