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INCLIVA is a health research institute in Spain, included in the framework of centres of scientific excellence promoted by the Spanish Government, and accredited by the National Health Institute Carlos III as an Institute of Research in Health Sciences.

Mission and strategy

INCLIVA is the institution managing the research in the area of Health carried out from the School of Medicine of the University of Valencia, the IGENOMIX Foundation devoted to the reproductive genetics, and the University Clinic Hospital that includes a health department providing healthcare to the 350.000 inhabitants.

The Institute is organized around four priority areas of research (cardiovascular, oncology, metabolism and organic damage and reproductive medicine) and seven transversal programmes, including the Ageing and Associated Diseases Programme in which the Ageing and Physical Exercise Research Group, coordinated by Prof. José Viña, is framed.

Present and future goals

Our group originally started over forty years ago. A major founding milestone was the postgraduate study of Dr. Jose Viña with the late Sir Hans Krebs at the University of Oxford. This has led the whole Group to a “metabolic-oriented approach to problems”. Upon his return to Spain, Dr. Viña started a small group in the University of Valencia that has been working on and off, for the last thirty-five years. FRESHAGE (Age and Exercise Research Group) is a highly multidisciplinary team with great international experience, that addresses new challenges to improve the health of the elderly population in terms of independence and functional autonomy.

Our major aim now is identifying longevity-related genes, finding ways of upregulating these genes by physiological, nutritional, and pharmacological intervention, and determining how to promote healthy aging.

Through this group, INCLIVA will be involved in the following tasks in the ChokoAge project:

• Network organization and management.
• Supervision of unit’s work, research outputs, and timing of activities.
• In vitro studies of nutritional components in skeletal muscle cells and other cell lines.
• Omics and oxidative stress-related indices of frailty (studies in blood cells and plasma).
• Dissemination and communication activities.

Dr. Jose Viña

Vice Dean of Research of the Facoltà of Medicine of Valencia

Dr. Consuelo Borrás

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Dr. Aurora Román

Pre-Doctoral Research

Dr. Cristina Mas

Post-Doctoral Research

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